Friday 7 October 2022

5 Ways to Tame Your Inner Drama Queen.

 If you wish to experience drama at its best, then adopt a few pre-teen girls for the afternoon. I recently had such an experience with my daughter and a few her friends.

As soon as they experienced the automobile, I started to listen to such things as:

"Everybody flunked the test."

"He explained he liked me and it absolutely was the very best day of my whole entire life."

"OMG...that was so embarrassing mom. Please don't wave at the high school kids."

"I will never, ever understand math."

"You NEVER take me shopping."

"I don't have anything to wear."

The drama continued for the duration of the automobile ride.

It reminded me of the drama queen in many of us (especially women who struggle with emotional eating and body image issues).

The adult drama queen says such things as:

"I've fallen off the wagon."

"I'll never, ever be thin."

"Everybody can eat what they want but me."

"I'm such a failure."

"OMG...did you see me trying to run? That has been so humiliating."

Through the years to be a woman and experiencing womanhood, I came to understand that we all have a dilemma queen that lives within us. It only becomes a challenge when she's running the show. Dramacool

So, here really are a few tips for living at peace together with your inner drama diva:

1. Look at the drama, in place of from the drama

When you discover yourself being swept up into a remarkable moment, simply notice what's going on. Observe how a emotions build, and then notice how you're tempted to act. Are you able to observe how drama adds a complexity to the specific situation?

2. State the Facts

Drama is judgment of the facts. As opposed to saying, "I made a 74 on the math test," a dilemma queen says, "I'm such a failure. I will never, ever learn math." Or, in place of saying "I ate a case of Oreos," she'll say, "I've fallen off the wagon, and I'll never, ever be thin." Try stating just the facts of the specific situation, without judgment or negativity.

3. Prove your drama queen wrong

The inner dramatic likes to sensationalize things, but you will want to challenge her only a little with proof. Like, when she claims you will never, ever be thin, find evidence to prove her wrong. Find others who have done that which you are trying to do or find reasons why you can be thin.

4. Give her the stage

Your drama queen just wants to be heard and seen. Give the indegent thing 5 or 10 minutes each day to do her thing. I like to schedule in drama time when I can complain, exaggerate, cry, or merely step out of my beautiful life for some moments to get completely swept up in drama, but then I return and close the curtain.

5. Take her to the movies

Most of us crave only a little excitement inside our lives. The situation occurs when we use our lives because the stage for unhealthy drama to unfold. To entertain that section of you who craves a large production, try taking her to see an excellent show or read an excellent, trashy novel. You are able to walk away feeling satisfied without completing mucking up your life.

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